Fond memories of Billy Buckle from his cousin Gordon Buckle

Fond memories of Billy Buckle from his cousin Gordon Buckle






His great love for his pets, including his attachment at a tender age, to a fowl called Cuthbert, which followed him around.


His bond with the outdoors through hunting and fishing.


His fortitude as a schoolboy, during a frightening experience at Lamports bay, when his hand was caught under a rock during an incoming tide.


His friendship and kindnesses to me when I lived with his family in 1941 and 1942.


Sharing schoolboy pranks, when we nailed his mother’s wedding veil to a deck chair frame, to catch prawns at night in the Umgeni River.


Time spent at Umdoni and Sezela when we visited my father who worked at the sugar mill.


Time spent together in Italy and Egypt during and after the Second World War.


Enjoying the times of plenty, particularly on the South Pier and chasing sardines, after returning to South Africa.


His marriage to Avis resulted in a period of great happiness, due to the fact that they shared so many interests. She even became a great fisherwoman under his guidance.


Time spent together as families before and after the move to Pennington.


The great kindness accorded to Billy by Irene, David, Kyle and Cassidy, when it became necessary for Billy to be cared for, after Avis’ sad passing.


Our condolences go out to Lawrence (their adopted son) during this period of sadness.

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